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Product & Market Development Inc. is a technology-facilitated business process company that is 100 percent focused on facilitating growth opportunities of new products and markets, the first derivative of business strategy. Uniquely, PMDI brings "method to the madness" of development with software and training that provides precision to what is inherently complicated and chaotic.

SyncDev™, PMDI's flagship product, is the single most powerful way there is to stretch safely, allocate capital, reduce risk, increase return, and achieve smooth profitable growth.

Management Team

Frank RobinsonFrank Robinson

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Frank is a founder of PMDI and member of professional services. He contributed to the development of 200 products in 50 business and consumer markets in software, scientific instruments, semiconductors, financial services, and other fields. Before PMDI, he was VP Sales & Marketing for Tracor Aviation and a management consultant with KPMG. Frank began working as an aeronautical engineer and pilot with Tex Johnston, Inc. Two products, a flying simulator and large airplane were technical successes but business failures. That set in motion Frank's mission to codify a better development process, the SyncDev system. Frank has a BA in physics and a MBA in finance from SUNY Buffalo. He is from Hornell, New York, south of Rochester.

Jim SmithJim Smith
Vice President, Product Development

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Jim is the co-founder, director, and manager of product development of PMDI. He has worked extensively in brand-name consumer and business software with such brands as Intuit, Dow Jones, Autodesk, Macromedia, Adobe, and The Learning Company, where he was a producer responsible for developing educational software products. Before PMDI, Jim founded a software and online data service company for investors called Personal News where he was introduced to a precursor to SyncDev. Jim sold his company to Intuit who then bundled his service with Quicken Deluxe. Jim has employed SyncDev for over 17 years as a team-member, founder, angel investor and consultant. Jim has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School of Management. He is from the San Francisco Bay Area.