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Get Your Team, Business Model, and
Product on the Right Track in 90 Days

Synchronous customer and product development is the fastest path from concept to success. New businesses are a confusing maze of sparse data and difficult decisions. SyncDev brings method to the madness with a holistic approach to general management, product management, engineering, design, marketing, and sales.

SyncDevTM University
Youíll be able to: Who It's For: 30 Years of Success
  • Pivot early while itís easy
  • Validate your market, business
    case and business model
  • Find your Minimum Viable Product
  • Unify your team
  • CEOs & Entrepreneurs
  • Business Unit GMs
  • Engineering Managers
  • Product Managers,
    Designers, and Marketers
Santa Barbara Mon. April 8 Tues. April 9 Weds. April 10 Thurs. April 11
SF Bay Area Mon. April 29 Tues. April 30 Weds. May 1 Thurs. May 2
For CEOs, GMs, Entrepreneurs. Mgrs. of Products, Engineering, Design, Marketing, Sales Product Mgt, Marketing, Sales
The Power of SyncDev: How to Get Your Team, Business Model, and Product on Track in 90 Days How to Discover Your Minimum Viable Product How to Optimize Your Business Model to Maximize Your Business Case How to Get the Meeting (or Get a Restraining Order)
Youíll Be Able To ... Target the best customers, test-sell to 30 in 90 days, and ably pivot your product and business model Define a product that's just big enough to succeed until its next release Use any of five catalysts to pivot any of 15 variables to maximize your business case Meet with customers you want - their Decision Making Teams - on your schedule
Price Regular Price: $795. Early Bird Special: $100 off (ends Dec 31). Save more for multiple people per company, multiple courses, and pre-funded startups.
Prerequisite None Monday workshop or prior SyncDev Experience